Source Code for Fedi Software

Keep in mind that this is the source code as reported by the servers. Some servers don't report source code URLs, or they don't report it in a form FediList understands, so the list is incomplete. (Notably, Mastodon does not report a repository URL in their nodeinfo.) Because all of the data here is supplied by the servers, it might also be inaccurate. For totals (and thus percentages), we count only software for which we could determine the source. For servers that haven't responded since we started keeping track of source code, we don't have that information, but you can sometimes gather it from their descriptions or infer it from the last version they reported.

The data here includes data from servers that have gone away, so the counts will exceed the count of live servers. There are also local forks: most servers publish their changes (if any), either for public benefit or to comply with the AGPLv3. So the counts shouldn't be understood to indicate popularity. But even if no one is running it, the code might still be worth studying for technical or historical purposes. (You might even find an old project that you want to revive!)

SoftwareActive servers% of activeInactive servers
Number of Repositories285