FediList Terms of Service

Foreword (non-binding, feel free to skip)

I hate writing ToS pages. I am running this service to make it easier for people to find a fedi server to join, to make it easier to explore fedi, etc. I want getting into fedi to be as easy to do as getting a Twitter account, because I want to eliminate centralized services and stop the internet from being a mall. You can think of FediList as a specialized search engine.

Except for the static pages, the content is all from the admins of the servers. FediList disclaims all liability for anything in there. So if someone puts adult content in their bio, or their server page links to something scammy, or anything like that, that’s their fault, not mine.


I don’t think there’s anything to put here at present. Please don’t hammer the site or do anything malicious or whatever, I’ll stop you from doing it because I’m a fuckin’ genius hackerman. When the source code is available, please don’t use that to do anything evil, either.


FediList collects donations. These are used for two things: to pay for the system’s upkeep (e.g., server bills, registration fees for top-level domains, etc.). This is not a profit-seeking venture, though; it is a collection of information in the public interest. There’s no obligation.