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This is a vanilla Firefish Instance. It doesn't seem to have a description.


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  • Uptime: 3.90%
  • Users: 4 (2 active this month, 2 active last six months)
  • Posts: 2
  • Posts per user: 0.50
  • Peers: 1225
  • Version: firefish 20240212
  • Source code: https://codeberg.org/firefish/firefish
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First contact: 2024-02-12 (19.6 days ago)

Last successful contact: 2024-02-13 (19.1 days ago)

Latest attempt: 2024-03-03 (13.3 minutes ago)

Contact: 46 successful, 354 failed.

Average fetch time: 5.77s

Next attempt scheduled for 32.3 minutes from now.

Found through femdom.solutions (up)

IP address: (and 17 others, including: social.mausdompteur.de (down), srudloff.de (down), prvmstdn.maquena.org (down), chaoflux.de (down), on.vu (down), plume.mausdompteur.de (down), firmware.network (down), coders.social (down), pleroma.anonworld.de (down), mstdn.loschinski.net (down))


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